Should you import an airtrack or buy locally?

If you are into sports and gymnastics, then you will most certainly need some type of Airtrack mat or springboard. This tool will help you take your gymnastic skills to the next level and make your training much more fun. Using a good gymnastic mat, can be really fun and a great way to stay motivated or improve your skills. But you should buy it locally from shops like Gymplay, or over the Internet at some other country to save a few bucks? This is the big question, but first, let’s take a look at which airtrack model you can buy?

Let’s take a look at three typical airtracks.

The Mini Air Track

When you start out with gymnastics, you won’t be needing a 10 meter long gymnastics mat, but will like enjoy the smaller version much more. The Airtrack mini if often less than 3 meter long, is an excellent tool for beginners. A good place to start for those waiting to learn how to do basic gymnastic tricks like a handspring or a backflip. With the aid of an Air track mini it will be much easier to learn these types of exercises and much more fun to practice them. The good thing about the mini model, is that it easy to hide away when you no longer need it. If you are about to get into sport or fitness, then this is an excellent model.

The Airtrack trainer kit

If you are a little older, or have more practice, you will likely move on to a larger model such as the Air track trainer. This kit comes with a springboard and a landing mat, which gives you a wider range of exercises you can do. With the trainer series you also get more bounce, which enables you to do more complex exercises and more height on your jumps. This version is typical 3-4-meter-long, which is often enough for the intermediate person. Compared to a gymnastic mat with no bounce, you can do some really impressive things with the trainer version. This an excellent tool for those above 12, or younger people with some gymnastic experience. Normally I buy this product from Gymplay.EU

The Talent Trainer Kit

Once you have maxed out the Trainer series, it’s time to move on to the Airtrack Talent Trainer kit. This version is often longer, and have even higher bounce than the regular trainer version. Some versions are 8-10 meter long which is enough for even highly advanced series. With a bounce that gives you more than 50% extra height on your jumps, you will be able to do far more advanced routines. Even show of with some very impressive jumps. For many trained gymnasts this is an excellent way to practice new tricks, that would otherwise be impossible and will make training much more fun. A few places even have an air track gym, where you can train with these sport tools.
These 3 Airtracks are among the most common models today and covers everything from beginners to elite gymnasts. To most of the models you can also get a wide range of various accessories like air barrels, springboards, landing mats and much more. To find a good cheap airtrack I would recommend you visit and checkout their online webshop. They got a very high quality on their products and excellent support.

Air track kit from - sports equipment

Now that we have see which models there is, let’s get back to our main question, buy locally or online. First of all, you can often save money buying online. Especially if it’s in our own country. The second best will be to buy from another EU country. However many of you have most likely seen that the prices of an Air track, is much lower outside EU. But if you have imported expensive products from outside EU, you have most likely noticed or hear from others, that you risk paying a large import tax, can have issues with warranties, or end up with a product that isn’t certified in your own country. So for most people it’s a lot easier (and often cheaper too) when you buy it in Poland or whatever country you live in.

Here’s a video that shows how to use an Airtrack Gym matt, one of the top fitness products today.

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