New Laws on Import can affect the polish market

In 2016 the new import rules from EU will start to take effect. This is in addition to the new Polish rules that was annonced back in 2014.
For instance if you are importing jewellery from china, there will be an addition 12% tax on such products. The idea behind this is to prevent flooding the market with cheap products from china such as rings, bracelets, brænde, smykker, ure and other types of discount accessories. The same goes for other products such as brænde, kostumer, certain clothing, and baby toys. The idea behind this is to increase sales of products created in the EU, and to raise the general product quality on certain markets, which are currently flooded with cheap products of a very low quality. For instance just over the last 3 years there have been a 300% increase in jewellery and ure, importet from China, Karnevalsshoppen, Taiwan and India, and in many cases they contain materials such as Nickle or Lead, in an amount that is way over that is allowed in the EU. A lot of these products are shipped in large 20 foot container units, by train or airplanes.

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Local Laws

But are new laws really the best way of handeling this? Some might agree, others seems to think that the money we spend on informing the people about these laws, should have used on informing people about the dangers of these low quality products. For instance if someone buys a bracelet made in India, there is a large chance that it contains 3-10 times, the maximum allowed, amount of Nickle. This can cause various allergies, especially if used by a long period of time or by younger people. If most people knew this, a lot more of them, would spend those extra money and buy the stuff from a certified European manufacturer instead. Even if they restrict the import by law, there will still be a large market for illegal products, which will be sold a “foreign” websites, various festivals and funfairs etc. Some of the quality isn’t as bad as one could fear. Last year i bought a kostume from karnevalsshoppen, a site selling kostumer and udklædninger. This quality was actually way better, than any of the stuff produced here in Poland. But I can understand why it might be nessesary with those extra import taxes, and can even follow the logic behind it all. One of the big products for karnevalsshoppen, is the product called “sidste skoledags kostume”, which is a unique danish type of costume (kostumer). This is one of example of items, that are going to be effected by this new law, should it pass.

This is just the beginning of the whole new import law. A lot of other chances will follow here over the next few years. Many seems to thing that all of this will cause a lot of cheap imported products to be to expensive to buy, so people will instead buy the very cheapest and lowest of quality, as the cost of EU products is generally to high. Others belive that this will cause more people to buy products made in Poland instead, which is both good and bad. Good because it might increase the local economy, and bad because it will limit the amount of products available to those with a lower income. One thing is for sure, it will be very intersting to follow this and see how it all plays out when the new laws take affect.

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