International transport with container units

Shipping container - a type of special container for mobil hegnWe all know that it can be hard to transport your products across the international borders. Not also are there a lot of logistic problems that needs to be adressed, there are also import taxes and regulations you need to consider. Also depending on how easy it is for your product to reach the destination, the transport cost can vary a lot. For instance, are you shipping a bunch of costumes from Aalborg in Denmark, to Liverpool in England. It will be pretty easy, as both countries are at the moment, a member of the EU. It’s also very easy to load a container filled with costumes on to a ship and have it shipped to Liverpool in no time and for a low cost. However not all products will fit in a standard container, for instance if you are selling hegn, you will have to find another alternative. Or ship it by parts and combine them at their destination.
On the other hand, if you choose to ship it to Tver in Russia, you will have to use various trains in order to get there, in addition to trucks. So you might not even be able to have it all packed down in a container unit. This will make it a lot more expensive to ship your products there. Last week I had to ship a container filled with mobilhegn from Warsaw, Poland, to Aalborg in Denmark. I had to ship it by plane, so the cost was about 150% higher, compaired to train shipping.

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Shipping your products in a container

The best part about using a standard container unit to ship your products in, if you are selling international, is that it will fit on most shipping boats and trains. Even a lot of trucks and airplanes are designed to carry a number of 20 or 40 foot container units, which can easily be stacked evenly. If so, your small 20 foot container, may just be one of several hundreds, which will often ensure you a cheap transport price. It’s also very easy to move a container from a ship on to a truck, compared to moving 20 pallets filled with packages. So you will also save some work time, with containers. Other products like Hegn, may not fit in a container, and will have to be assambled when arriving, or shipped in some other manner.

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A third benefit of using a container to transport your products in, is that they are pretty safe. It’s a robust case, which will protect your goods rather well, while being transported. But it also protects your goods from thievery and curious eyes.
So as you can see, there are quiet a lot of benefits to using a container over the traditional pallets, which a lot of people are still using for shipping goods.

Mobil køkken - en type af specialcontainer for byggepladshegn and mobil hegn

Be sure to find the best shipping deals

The cost of shipping a container from city like Warsaw in Poland, to London in England varies quit a lot depending on which shipping company you choose to use. So instead of just accepting the first price you get, be sure to call a few others and their an offer from them too. This way you can compare the different options, and choose the one that fits your budget and delivery time the best.
Also if you plan to use this service at a regular basis instead of just a one time thing, you can ofte get some even better prices. But most of the time you will have to ask about this, and maybe have your own personal contact person, within the company.

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For many, finding the best and cheapest shipping agreement for your goods, is the easy part. Often the best solution for international transport is by using container units and a shipping company with expenrience in this. The hard part will be the various export and import taxes for each country you ship to, permits and other regulations. Luckily it’s a lot easier to trade within the EU, when you are a member, compared to outside the EU.

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