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Should you import an airtrack or buy locally?

Friday, August 3rd, 2018

If you are into sports and gymnastics, then you will most certainly need some type of Airtrack mat or springboard. This tool will help you take your gymnastic skills to the next level and make your training much more fun. Using a good gymnastic mat, can be really fun and a great way to stay motivated or improve your skills. But you should buy it locally from shops like Gymplay, or over the Internet at some other country to save a few bucks? This is the big question, but first, let’s take a look at which airtrack model you can buy?

Let’s take a look at three typical airtracks.

The Mini Air Track

When you start out with gymnastics, you won’t be needing a 10 meter long gymnastics mat, but will like enjoy the smaller version much more. The Airtrack mini if often less than 3 meter long, is an excellent tool for beginners. A good place to start for those waiting to learn how to do basic gymnastic tricks like a handspring or a backflip. With the aid of an Air track mini it will be much easier to learn these types of exercises and much more fun to practice them. The good thing about the mini model, is that it easy to hide away when you no longer need it. If you are about to get into sport or fitness, then this is an excellent model.

The Airtrack trainer kit

If you are a little older, or have more practice, you will likely move on to a larger model such as the Air track trainer. This kit comes with a springboard and a landing mat, which gives you a wider range of exercises you can do. With the trainer series you also get more bounce, which enables you to do more complex exercises and more height on your jumps. This version is typical 3-4-meter-long, which is often enough for the intermediate person. Compared to a gymnastic mat with no bounce, you can do some really impressive things with the trainer version. This an excellent tool for those above 12, or younger people with some gymnastic experience. Normally I buy this product from Gymplay.EU

The Talent Trainer Kit

Once you have maxed out the Trainer series, it’s time to move on to the Airtrack Talent Trainer kit. This version is often longer, and have even higher bounce than the regular trainer version. Some versions are 8-10 meter long which is enough for even highly advanced series. With a bounce that gives you more than 50% extra height on your jumps, you will be able to do far more advanced routines. Even show of with some very impressive jumps. For many trained gymnasts this is an excellent way to practice new tricks, that would otherwise be impossible and will make training much more fun. A few places even have an air track gym, where you can train with these sport tools.
These 3 Airtracks are among the most common models today and covers everything from beginners to elite gymnasts. To most of the models you can also get a wide range of various accessories like air barrels, springboards, landing mats and much more. To find a good cheap airtrack I would recommend you visit and checkout their online webshop. They got a very high quality on their products and excellent support.

Air track kit from - sports equipment

Now that we have see which models there is, let’s get back to our main question, buy locally or online. First of all, you can often save money buying online. Especially if it’s in our own country. The second best will be to buy from another EU country. However many of you have most likely seen that the prices of an Air track, is much lower outside EU. But if you have imported expensive products from outside EU, you have most likely noticed or hear from others, that you risk paying a large import tax, can have issues with warranties, or end up with a product that isn’t certified in your own country. So for most people it’s a lot easier (and often cheaper too) when you buy it in Poland or whatever country you live in.

Here’s a video that shows how to use an Airtrack Gym matt, one of the top fitness products today.

Baby bæreseler expands to Europe

Tuesday, October 31st, 2017

After selling their baby carriers for several years in the US, it was time for the company Baby Bæreseler to expand their business to europe. They had a pretty good product within the baby carrier niche. But so did a lot of other american baby brands, like Ergobaby, Mother Nest Ergonomic Baby Carrier or NimNik Sling Carrier Hipseat to mention a few. Could Baby Bæreseler compete with these big brands, or would it be a waste of money and time to try? In the US they did pretty well and got good reviews in the various test. So they knew they had a product that the customers liked. Their prices was a little above average for a top notch baby carrier, which could easily compete with the more expensive models. So they decided to take the chance and get into the European market.
But there was still a lot of things they needed to get in order because it would be possible. Let’s look at some of these things here.

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Getting the right certifications for their baby carriers

A lot of the countries in the EU had pretty strong requirements when you wanted to sell things to children or babies in their countries. So the first thing Baby Bæreseler needed to do, was to get all the right certifications for their baby carriers, and make sure they lived up to the high EU standards.
It turned out that they actually had most of the stuff needed, as testing and getting their products certificed had always been an import part for Baby Bæreseler.

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Branding Baby Bæreseler in Europe

Another important part of trying to sell your baby products in a new country, is that nobody know your brand. And as an unknown brand you are more or less equal to the various discount brands in the eyes of the customers. So Baby Bæresele had to start a branding campaign, in order to get people to notice them and see that it was a quality brand, and not some discount models they were selling. This was done by getting several of the major baby carrier review sites to test their products and add them to their best of baby carriers test. They also paid to get banners displayed at some of the major baby forums and sites. With this many new countries, this turned out to be a really expensive part, but something that was needed, if they wanted to take the proper price for their babycarriers.

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Increasing production of the carriers

Next step was to make sure there was enough products to sell in the European contries. Their current factory in China, wasn’t big enough to scale products up, so they had to make a deal with another larger factory who could produce the carriers for them. This way they wouldn’t have to build a whole new factory, so this was the perfect opertunity for them. With the increased amount of products being produced, they could also get some better prices om shipping and transport. This made the overall costs go down a little. Prices of producing the baby products on the new factory was more or less the same as on the old one. In the long run it would have been cheaper to build a new modern factory, but it would have been to slow and expensive for now. It’s something they are considering doing next year.

Babyudstyr og bæresele til dit barn

Finding the right resellers in Europe

Having all the products and permits to sell in Europe is one thing. But products rarely sell themselves, so they had to find a way to sell the products in the EU. To start with they setup a local webshop in each country they wanted to sell their carriers in. For instance one webshop in Sweden, another one in Denmark, a third in Germany and so on. This was a start, but far from enough to make it worth all the time and costs. So they teamed up with some of the larger baby shops, and had them sell their baby carriers for a part of the profit. This turned out to be working really well. The shops was happy about being able to see a good product for a lower price than for instance Ergobaby.

They started out in just a few countries, but after a year there were selling in 10 European countries, and are getting ready to sell in several more. It was a bold move for Baby Bæreseler, but a move that seems to be paying off. It will still take a few years before all the costs of moving into a new market has been covered, but in the long run, it most certanly will be worth it. Expanding to Europe was a big and costly move, but so far everything is going according to plan.

International transport with container units

Wednesday, January 4th, 2017

Shipping container - a type of special container for mobil hegnWe all know that it can be hard to transport your products across the international borders. Not also are there a lot of logistic problems that needs to be adressed, there are also import taxes and regulations you need to consider. Also depending on how easy it is for your product to reach the destination, the transport cost can vary a lot. For instance, are you shipping a bunch of costumes from Aalborg in Denmark, to Liverpool in England. It will be pretty easy, as both countries are at the moment, a member of the EU. It’s also very easy to load a container filled with costumes on to a ship and have it shipped to Liverpool in no time and for a low cost. However not all products will fit in a standard container, for instance if you are selling hegn, you will have to find another alternative. Or ship it by parts and combine them at their destination.
On the other hand, if you choose to ship it to Tver in Russia, you will have to use various trains in order to get there, in addition to trucks. So you might not even be able to have it all packed down in a container unit. This will make it a lot more expensive to ship your products there. Last week I had to ship a container filled with mobilhegn from Warsaw, Poland, to Aalborg in Denmark. I had to ship it by plane, so the cost was about 150% higher, compaired to train shipping.

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Shipping your products in a container

The best part about using a standard container unit to ship your products in, if you are selling international, is that it will fit on most shipping boats and trains. Even a lot of trucks and airplanes are designed to carry a number of 20 or 40 foot container units, which can easily be stacked evenly. If so, your small 20 foot container, may just be one of several hundreds, which will often ensure you a cheap transport price. It’s also very easy to move a container from a ship on to a truck, compared to moving 20 pallets filled with packages. So you will also save some work time, with containers. Other products like Hegn, may not fit in a container, and will have to be assambled when arriving, or shipped in some other manner.

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A third benefit of using a container to transport your products in, is that they are pretty safe. It’s a robust case, which will protect your goods rather well, while being transported. But it also protects your goods from thievery and curious eyes.
So as you can see, there are quiet a lot of benefits to using a container over the traditional pallets, which a lot of people are still using for shipping goods.

Mobil køkken - en type af specialcontainer for byggepladshegn and mobil hegn

Be sure to find the best shipping deals

The cost of shipping a container from city like Warsaw in Poland, to London in England varies quit a lot depending on which shipping company you choose to use. So instead of just accepting the first price you get, be sure to call a few others and their an offer from them too. This way you can compare the different options, and choose the one that fits your budget and delivery time the best.
Also if you plan to use this service at a regular basis instead of just a one time thing, you can ofte get some even better prices. But most of the time you will have to ask about this, and maybe have your own personal contact person, within the company.

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For many, finding the best and cheapest shipping agreement for your goods, is the easy part. Often the best solution for international transport is by using container units and a shipping company with expenrience in this. The hard part will be the various export and import taxes for each country you ship to, permits and other regulations. Luckily it’s a lot easier to trade within the EU, when you are a member, compared to outside the EU.

Case: Karnevalsshoppen – Going global with kostumer

Friday, November 25th, 2016

Selling your products outside your own country can ofte be quite the problem. For many companies it often requires them to hire another person, someone who knows all the export and import rules.
This goes both for companies selling products online, but also for those selling to other companies. Let’s take a look at a small Danish company – Karnevalshoppen, a company selling kostumer and udklædning to end users. Depending on which industri you are in, selling a product can change lot from country to country.

Selling locally

Selling locally wasn’t a problem for Karnevalsshoppen. Using the local shop in the middle of town, people would just walk in a buy a costume. They would also advertise on their Facebook page and use that one to get people to visit the shop. By sponsoring various local events, like the big Aalborg Karneval (a carnival with 70.000 yearly visitors). This also helped promote Karnevalshoppen as a strong local brand. Each a lot of people visit the local to buy their customes there.

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Selling kostumer nationally

While the local business is very important for their physical shop, it’s their webshop – that support most of their customers. Having some good prices and having been around for ages, a lot of costumers often return and buy from Karnevalsshoppen. By having focus on the organic traffic and Google Adwords traffic, they help hundreds of customers find their perfect costume every day. Just like selling their costumes locally, selling nationally don’t really give any problems. They have some good shipping deals with the larger danish shipping companies and both Karnevalsshoppen and the shipping companies benefit alot from this arrangement.

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Udklædning og accessories

Selling to the nordic countries

Expanding to the nordic countries, was a bit harder than selling nationally. New shipping agreements and shipping partners had to be found, but no specific tax rules or product certificates was need. So it was a logical and cheap expantion. Getting the customers to buy from those countries was a bit harder, as they haven’t head of Karnevalsshoppen before. They also had to wait a few days for their costumes and accessories to arrive, since they had no warehouse outside Denmark. But by targeting the nordic countries with very specific Adwords campaigns, it was possible to drive some more nordic traffic to the site and boost traffic even further.

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Selling to the EU

The next logical step was to expand their business to the rest of Europe. Since Denmark was a member of the EU, selling to other EU countries was a piece of cake. But once you moved on to selling to non EU countries in Europe, it suddenly became much harder. Now they had to pay various import taxes, more expensive shipping deals and a few countries also requested a technical analysis data of their products. The competition was also much heigher here, with big companies like Smiffys domination a lot the costume market. Adwords prices was higher and it was hard to reach people with proper facebook ads, since every country had it own language. So it made sense selling to the other EU countries, even though the profit was much less than what was to be made in the Nordic countries. But the none EU countries in Europe just wasn’t worth expanding to yet. Another example of this, is the company Baby Bæreseller, which is also selling to EU. They products baby carriers, had to be approved, a new factory found and many other problems solved. So read the case about Baby Bæreseler too.

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Selling to the rest of the World

Just like selling to the none EU countries in Europe, selling globally proved just as difficult or even more difficult. In some parts of the word (like china, taiwan etc.), it was impossible to compete with the prices, which made most of the eastern world unavailable. While USA had a pretty big marked for costumes, the additional import taxes, and the large shipping prices made it to expensive to sell there from Denmark. The same turned out to be the case, with a lot of the other countries in the world. So for now Karnevalsshoppen choose only to focus on countries that was a part of the EU. So while they tried to go global with their product Kostumer and udklædning, it turned be to expensive for this industri.

New Laws on Import can affect the polish market

Friday, April 17th, 2015

In 2016 the new import rules from EU will start to take effect. This is in addition to the new Polish rules that was annonced back in 2014.
For instance if you are importing jewellery from china, there will be an addition 12% tax on such products. The idea behind this is to prevent flooding the market with cheap products from china such as rings, bracelets, brænde, smykker, ure and other types of discount accessories. The same goes for other products such as brænde, kostumer, certain clothing, and baby toys. The idea behind this is to increase sales of products created in the EU, and to raise the general product quality on certain markets, which are currently flooded with cheap products of a very low quality. For instance just over the last 3 years there have been a 300% increase in jewellery and ure, importet from China, Karnevalsshoppen, Taiwan and India, and in many cases they contain materials such as Nickle or Lead, in an amount that is way over that is allowed in the EU. A lot of these products are shipped in large 20 foot container units, by train or airplanes.

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Local Laws

But are new laws really the best way of handeling this? Some might agree, others seems to think that the money we spend on informing the people about these laws, should have used on informing people about the dangers of these low quality products. For instance if someone buys a bracelet made in India, there is a large chance that it contains 3-10 times, the maximum allowed, amount of Nickle. This can cause various allergies, especially if used by a long period of time or by younger people. If most people knew this, a lot more of them, would spend those extra money and buy the stuff from a certified European manufacturer instead. Even if they restrict the import by law, there will still be a large market for illegal products, which will be sold a “foreign” websites, various festivals and funfairs etc. Some of the quality isn’t as bad as one could fear. Last year i bought a kostume from karnevalsshoppen, a site selling kostumer and udklædninger. This quality was actually way better, than any of the stuff produced here in Poland. But I can understand why it might be nessesary with those extra import taxes, and can even follow the logic behind it all. One of the big products for karnevalsshoppen, is the product called “sidste skoledags kostume”, which is a unique danish type of costume (kostumer). This is one of example of items, that are going to be effected by this new law, should it pass.

This is just the beginning of the whole new import law. A lot of other chances will follow here over the next few years. Many seems to thing that all of this will cause a lot of cheap imported products to be to expensive to buy, so people will instead buy the very cheapest and lowest of quality, as the cost of EU products is generally to high. Others belive that this will cause more people to buy products made in Poland instead, which is both good and bad. Good because it might increase the local economy, and bad because it will limit the amount of products available to those with a lower income. One thing is for sure, it will be very intersting to follow this and see how it all plays out when the new laws take affect.

New laws regarding roofs in the EU

Thursday, March 7th, 2013

nyt-tag-tagpapWho says that it would be expensive if you want your house to look like brand new again? With some of the new renovations laws several countries in the EU have voted for, a lot of home owners can apply for some finacial aid when doing home renovation like getting a new roof on your home. Special aid packages such as Nyt Tag and Skifertag will aid home owners in making it possible to otherwise expensive home renovation projects for a much lower cost. You can read more about this aid package here at some of the many roofing sites such as Tagmuligheder Tagpap from tagprofferne.

We all knw that one of the main reasons why homeowners prefer to let their house look old and look again for a new house to buy, is because they think that their house has no chance to look great and nice again. This is actually a wrong thinking; you can still make a solution to look your house great and nice again if you acquire new roofs. Yes, having new roofs into your house will look back your house into its nice look. Many says that it would be useless if you only change or do renovation from a house but they are wrong. Did you know that your house can be looked great again if you acquire new roofs? You don’t just give a favor to your expenses but also it saves your money. Come to think of it, if you start to seek for buying a new house, didn’t you think that you will spend money on this? You need to travel and spend fuel or pay some fare if you don’t have a motorvehicle at all. Did you realize that starting from seeking for a new house to buy will let you spend money? But with the various aid packages like Tagpap, Mizozo and Nyt Tag, many can now affort the expensive home renovations and we can expect to see more beautiful buildings in the fture rather than all the old worn down ones. Another similar company Baby Bæreseler, was trying to sell their baby carriers in the EU. Something that wasn’t a very easy task for Baby Bæresele. See their case here at

It would be a great choice if you simply do some renovation on your house like acquiring new roofs and changed the old ones. Isn’t it great? Some are not thinking on this because they easily think that there is no chance to let their house look new again. Actually, you are doing a big wrong decision like picking a wrong company like skifertag from krompoment rather than tagpap to implement your roof project. If you really want to save your money, new roofs for your house will solve your problem. Planning to buy a new house will be a big and wrong decision. You might end up a wrong decision from this. If you really want to make your house look new again then get new roofs. You can have a lot of roof choices. There are several kinds of roofs offered and the only thing you can do is to get a kind of roof with your choice and change your old aged roof from the roof of your choice. This also goes for products like Bæreseler, Vugger, Juniorsenge and autostole.

To name some roofs that are offered for all customers are shingle roofs, metal roofs concrete roofs and other more. You can select which one you like and which one you think good for your house. But, if you are planning to buy one of these roofs, you must make sure that you are buying the original ones. You might get a wrong product like a copy of the product with the same name but the quality will never have the quality of the original ones. Shingle roofing is one of the most being chosen by many home owners for their new roofs. Aside from its durability, the look of the shingle roof is really attractive. New roofs will make your house look like a brand new one and your old aging house will be now looked brand new.

So before you just jump into it and start renovating your roof, please look into some of the financial aid programs like tagpap or nyt tag first. If you live in the right countries it could very likely save you quite a bit of money, but you need to apply before you start building or you won’t be able to get any of the money.

Source: Bæreseler from mizozo