Baby bæreseler expands to Europe

After selling their baby carriers for several years in the US, it was time for the company Baby Bæreseler to expand their business to europe. They had a pretty good product within the baby carrier niche. But so did a lot of other american baby brands, like Ergobaby, Mother Nest Ergonomic Baby Carrier or NimNik Sling Carrier Hipseat to mention a few. Could Baby Bæreseler compete with these big brands, or would it be a waste of money and time to try? In the US they did pretty well and got good reviews in the various test. So they knew they had a product that the customers liked. Their prices was a little above average for a top notch baby carrier, which could easily compete with the more expensive models. So they decided to take the chance and get into the European market.
But there was still a lot of things they needed to get in order because it would be possible. Let’s look at some of these things here.

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Getting the right certifications for their baby carriers

A lot of the countries in the EU had pretty strong requirements when you wanted to sell things to children or babies in their countries. So the first thing Baby Bæreseler needed to do, was to get all the right certifications for their baby carriers, and make sure they lived up to the high EU standards.
It turned out that they actually had most of the stuff needed, as testing and getting their products certificed had always been an import part for Baby Bæreseler.

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Branding Baby Bæreseler in Europe

Another important part of trying to sell your baby products in a new country, is that nobody know your brand. And as an unknown brand you are more or less equal to the various discount brands in the eyes of the customers. So Baby Bæresele had to start a branding campaign, in order to get people to notice them and see that it was a quality brand, and not some discount models they were selling. This was done by getting several of the major baby carrier review sites to test their products and add them to their best of baby carriers test. They also paid to get banners displayed at some of the major baby forums and sites. With this many new countries, this turned out to be a really expensive part, but something that was needed, if they wanted to take the proper price for their babycarriers.

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Increasing production of the carriers

Next step was to make sure there was enough products to sell in the European contries. Their current factory in China, wasn’t big enough to scale products up, so they had to make a deal with another larger factory who could produce the carriers for them. This way they wouldn’t have to build a whole new factory, so this was the perfect opertunity for them. With the increased amount of products being produced, they could also get some better prices om shipping and transport. This made the overall costs go down a little. Prices of producing the baby products on the new factory was more or less the same as on the old one. In the long run it would have been cheaper to build a new modern factory, but it would have been to slow and expensive for now. It’s something they are considering doing next year.

Babyudstyr og bæresele til dit barn

Finding the right resellers in Europe

Having all the products and permits to sell in Europe is one thing. But products rarely sell themselves, so they had to find a way to sell the products in the EU. To start with they setup a local webshop in each country they wanted to sell their carriers in. For instance one webshop in Sweden, another one in Denmark, a third in Germany and so on. This was a start, but far from enough to make it worth all the time and costs. So they teamed up with some of the larger baby shops, and had them sell their baby carriers for a part of the profit. This turned out to be working really well. The shops was happy about being able to see a good product for a lower price than for instance Ergobaby.

They started out in just a few countries, but after a year there were selling in 10 European countries, and are getting ready to sell in several more. It was a bold move for Baby Bæreseler, but a move that seems to be paying off. It will still take a few years before all the costs of moving into a new market has been covered, but in the long run, it most certanly will be worth it. Expanding to Europe was a big and costly move, but so far everything is going according to plan.

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