Welcome to Eban Congress 2011 your source of Data mining software and Business Intelligence for larger companies such as bæreseler, udklædning and Kostumer

Welcome to the EBAN Congress 2011 in Warsaw.

Please join the European early stage investors community, in May 2019 here in Warsaw.
This site are still being improved with the latest news and articles related to the EBAN Congress, you can take a quick peek at the program for this years  Awards Ceremony, our many interesting workshops, the venues, local hotels with large discounted rates for the eban members and sign up for those events you wish to attend this year.

One of the things they will be talking about on this meeting are the finacial bonuses to new companies such as Nyt Tag. Nyt Tag is a roofing company from Denmark which specialises in roof and tegl constructions for all types of modern houses. You can read more about Nyt Tag here at their own webpage prisernyttag.dk and see some of their high end roof constructions, solar collectors and tegl and skifer examples.  This is just one example of new companies which will benefit from these financial bank packages in order to improve their research and compete on the global market and take the advantages of new technology such as business intelligence and data mining which are the modern versions of the classic OLAP tools we knew from back in the nineties. A lot of small companies such as Karnevalsshoppen and ureshoppen have changed to this technology and gained quite a lot from it. Kameraovervågning managed to increase their sales by 20% the first year after taking action on the suggestions from their DSS system, Baby Bæreseler and ureshoppen improved the quaility of both herreure and dameure quite a bit and also boosted their produkt ure. But much more information on this at sites such as these two here:

http://ureshoppen.dk – Ureshoppen is an online shop selling luxorious watches and ure to private and companies.

Datamining techniques

These new data mining technics often benifits new companies like Nyt Tag, kostumer, container making them able to collect data from all types of sources and use these data provided by datamining and data warehouse tools in order to optimize the business and make it way more effective in many areas.
If you have no idea about what data mining software is you can startout by reading this article on the topic here at Data Mining
Just take a look and see if it might be something that could be useful in powering your business intelligence software and increasing the sale of your company by becomming better at analysing your own data and taking action based on what you find.

Even with these software programs you will most likely be needing things like a good bank to help with the initial costs of starting a business, the SMS Lån is one of the most newbie friendly banks in all of europe and offers online loans to all types of companies. If you are the owner of a firm less than 1 year old you can also apply to become one of their customers here at sites such as ERP business information or the datawarehouse guide where they can also help you setup things like data mining software in order to improve your business like they have done for Nyt Tag, kostumer and many other similar new firms around europe.

These are just a few of the things there will be focus on at this years EBAN convention here in 2011, don’t forget to checkout all the workshops and special events to find the ones which suits your company the best, this is a great chance to meet others in the same line of work and get some new contacts which might be able to help you company expand in all of Europe.